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This is an optional system for Channel Energy that we can discuss as a group. The affect of a Cleric’s Channel Energy is dependent upon the Major domain they have chosen.

The area of effect becomes densely satiated with static and electrical charge
Affect: Xd6 electrical damage, Reflex save for half
Duration: Immediate

All creatures in the area of effect become subtly more feral for the duration of the effect – patches of hair or fur form along skin, hands become more claw-like, muscles firm, teeth elongate slightly.
Affect: Creatures gain a +2 size bonus to Strength for Medium and larger creatures, or a +2 size bonus to Dex for Small and smaller creatures
Duration: X + 2 rounds

The area of effect becomes infused with vibrancy as non-living materials shift and reform during the process of mending and hardening.
Affect: Xd6 structural mending and all inanimate matter gains +X hardness for a
Duration: X rounds

The very essence of causality ruptures within the area of effect, causing eddies of inexplicable phenomena all around the area. Rainbows of indiscernible colors, actions appearing to happen in reverse, floating debris of unidentifiable objects flittering into and out of existence and so forth litter the area of effect.
Affect: Xd8 positive or negative energy (50% chance of each). After the type of energy has been determined the cleric may expend an additional use of domain channeling to change the energy type
Duration: Immediate

Creatures in the area of effect are instilled with a sense of warmth and well-being, throwing off their worldly concerns for a time. This is a charm effect.
Affect: Creatures that fail a Will save take a -4 penalty on attacks of opportunity.
Duration: X + 2 rounds

The area is suffused with a strong sense of camaraderie that bolsters each creature’s moral and allows them to work together more effectively in a team.
Affect: Creatures are immune to the shaken condition. When they make use of the Aid Another action they provide a +3 bonus instead of the normal +2
Duration: X + 2 rounds

The entire area is covered by a tremendous shadow. Wisps and strands of pure darkness shift throughout the area, creating thick strains of night that obscure and limit vision.
Affect: Vision of creatures is reduced to 15 feet, Will save negates
Duration: X + 2 rounds

A subtle shiver overcomes creatures in the area and a hint of decay and dread rises permeates the air. The very life ebbs from all living things.
Affect: Xd6 negative energy, Will save for half
Duration: Immediate

Raw power crackles through the air. Every movement seems more deadly and destructive.
Affect: Weapon damage, spell damage, and magic item damage is increased by 1 point. For every 5 cleric levels the cleric possesses, the additional damage is increased by 1 point to a maximum of +5 points at level 20. Non-lethal damage is also becomes lethal for the duration of the affect.
Duration: X + 2 rounds

A violent tremor shakes the ground. The very earth appears to undulate like an enormous beast waking from its slumber. An earthquake shakes the area.
Affect: All creatures standing on a surface fall prone if their CMD fails to save them from a trip attack with a CMB of 5 + cleric level
Duration: 1 round

A malignant aura menaces the hearts of the righteous and bolsters the will of the wicked.
Affect: Creatures become shaken, Will save negates. Evil creatures are immune to the affect.

A nigh unbearable heat lashes out to all that stand in the area of effect. Eddies of fire waver through the air and flames lick along flammable materials.
Affect: Xd6 fire damage, Reflex save for half
Duration: Immediate

A powerful aura awes all but the strongest of wills. The emanation strikes fear into those who cannot stand their ground in the face of such brilliance – while those that embrace it become more certain in their actions.
Affect: All creatures become shaken, Will save to negate. Creatures that make the save gain a +2 divine bonus to attack and weapon damage rolls. Creatures immune to the shaken condition naturally do not suffer the shaken condition if they fail the will save, but they still need to succeed on the will save to gain the bonus to attack and damage rolls.
Duration: X + 2 rounds

A sense of benevolence embraces the area allowing those of pure heart to stand firm where others find themselves wavering in their steps.
Duration: X + 2 rounds
Affect: Creatures become shaken, Will save negates. Good creatures are immune to the shaken condition

A vibrant vitality floods the area, suffusing all living things with the essence of life and destroying abominations of unlife.
Affect: Xd6 positive energy, Will save for half
Duration: Immediate

Creatures in the area receive a tremendous clarity of thought and concentration – they are instilled with a competence that allows them to access knowledge and apply skills they would not otherwise have access to.
Affect: All skills are considered class skills and all skills may be used untrained
Duration: X + 2 rounds

The environment takes on a settled atmosphere – nothing appears out of place or unexpected. A steady pulse slowly beats, akin to a giant grandfather clock.
Affect: Creatures are allowed to take 5 on any d20 rolls
Duration: X + 2 rounds

A sense of freedom and independence suffuses the area offering all within sanctity for their body, mind and soul.
Affect: Creatures are immune to entangled condition and receive a +2 bonus to resist (not maintain) grapples, as well as a +2 divine bonus to all saves against charm and compulsion effects.
Duration: X + 2 rounds

The area of effect glows with a warm ambience. Fate smiles on creatures within assuring success and immunity from mishaps.
Affect: Creatures treat rolls of a natural “1” on a d20 as rolls of a natural “10” instead. Additionally creatures gain a +4 divine bonus to confirm critical threats.
Duration: X + 2 rounds

A thinly veiled lucidity envelopes the area, giving away to madness. A manic laughter tears at the very soul of entities – hauntingly familiar until with a sudden realization they recognize their own voice.
Affect: Creatures are confused, Will save negates
Duration: X + 2 rounds

A raw excess of power boils within creatures in the area. Energy spills forth in showers of colors and words of power spoken physically manifest for all to see.
Affect: Spells cast gain a +1 divine bonus to Caster Level for spells up to level X. Additionally all attacks with manufactured or natural weapons are considered magical in that round.
Duration: 1 round

A tremendous sense of a noble and just purpose empowers the area.
Affect: Creatures within the area of effect are granted a +2 divine bonus to Charisma. Additionally, for 1 round characters able to channel energy or domains do so as if their cleric level was 4 levels higher.
Duration: X + 2 rounds

Vegetation both native and alien springs forth on all surfaces creating shallow, dense foliage that covers the area of effect.
Affect: Entangle creatures in area of effect, Reflex save negates. Save must be made each round a creature spends in the area of effect. The area is considered difficult terrain.
Duration: X + 2 rounds

A powerful force imposes on all creatures guaranteeing the sanctity of each.
Affect: creatures gain DR 2/-. This DR stacks with any other untyped DR creatures may have.
Duration: X + 2 rounds

A sense of final, everlasting peace comes over the area – a proverb on the final rest of each creature.
Affect: Creatures in the area gain the benefits of Ward Against Death (as the Repose domain ability)
Duration: X + 2 rounds

Runes trace along the air, scriptures appear on surfaces, letters and symbols foreign and familiar, ancient and modern spell out paragraphs of destiny.
Affect: Creatures are beholden to their destiny, granting them a +1 divine bonus to saves versus spells, spell-like abilities and supernatural abilities. This bonus increases by +1 for every 5 cleric levels
Duration: X + 2 rounds

Muscles harden and bulge – even fragile and weak characters appear powerfully toned and physically well-built and capable of feats of brute strength.
Affect: Creatures gain the Power Attack, Improved Bullrush, Improved Overrun, and Improved Sunder feats
Duration: X + 2 rounds,

The area is bathed in a glaring bright light of almost unbearable heat.
Affect: Bright light shines in the area of effect (and increases the light level by one step for an additional 30 feet). Creatures that take penalties in bright light take them while in the area of effect. Undead in the area of effect suffer X divine damage every round. Channeling the Sun domain counters or dispels any magical darkness of level X or lower, though it has no effect on magical darkness of a higher level.
Duration: X + 2 rounds

Images appear briefly, only to be replaced by new ones: buildings and structures artificial and natural, vistas and views from near and far, indigenous and not of this world.
Affect: Creatures gain a +10 divine bonus to their movement speed and may ignore the effects of difficult terrain.
Duration: X + 2 rounds

A sense of serenity and trustworthiness fills the area, easing suspicions and soothing fears. This domain may be channeled without the need for motions or sound.
Affect: Creatures in the area of effect suffer a -5 penalty to Perception and Sense Motive
Duration: X + 2 rounds

The rhythmic thudding of a war drum thunders through the area urging creatures within to fight, to battle, to war.
Affect: Creatures gain a +1 divine bonus to attack rolls. This bonus increases by +1 for every 5 cleric levels
Duration: X + 2 rounds

The ground becomes soggy, water seeps upwards and a clear mist forms – a mist so thick it threatens to strangle those within the area.
Affect: Xd6 non-lethal drowning damage, Fortitude save for half
Duration: Immediate

Regardless of weather conditions outside, within the area of effect a pleasantly temperate climate prevails.
Affect: Creatures ignore climate and weather conditions as if benefiting from endure elements
Duration: X hours


Channel Energy
Air – Wind Burst
Animal – Nature’s Charm
Artifice – Alter Materials
Chaos – Misfortune Burst
Charm – Enthralling Presence
Community – Aura of Peace
Darkness – Negative Burst
Death – Decaying Burst
Destruction – Destructive Burst
Earth –
Evil – Fear Aura
Fire – Flaming Burst
Glory – Heroes Call
Good – Holy Burst
Healing – Healing Burst
Knowledge – Intuition
Law –
Liberation –
Luck – Aura of Fortune
Madness – Confusion
Magic – Magic Focus / Magic DeBuff
Nobility – Inspiring Command
Plant – Animate Plants
Protection – Protective Field
Repose – Aura of Serenity
Rune –
Strength – Aura of Strength
Sun – Sun Burst
Travel – Not Allowed
Trickery – Illusionary Terrain
War – Inspiring Leadership
Water – Icy Blast
Weather – Storm Surge

Channel Energy

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