Mundane Items

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The following equipment may not be used without GM permission:
Masterwork or Exceptinal Items (Core)
Acid (Core)
Alchemist’s fire (Core)
Antitoxin (Core)
Everburning torch (Core)
Holy water (Core)
Smokestick (Core)
Sunrod (Core)
Tanglefoot bag (Core)
Thunderstone (Core)
Tindertwig (Core)
Alchemist’s lab (Core)
Waterclock (Core)

Agile Breastplate (APG)
Agile Half-Plate (APG)
Armored Coat (APG)
Quickdraw Shield, Light Wooden or Steel (APG)
Quilted Cloth (APG)

Rope, Spider’s Silk (APG)
Smoked Goggles (APG)
Weapon Cord (APG)

Alchemical grease (APG)
Alchemical solvent (APG)
Alchemist’s kindness (APG)
Alkali flask (APG)
Antiplague (APG)
Bladeguard (APG)
Bloodblock (APG)
Casting plaster (APG)
Flash powder (APG)
Light detector (APG)
Liquid ice (APG)
Nushadir (APG)
Smelling salts (APG)
Smoke pellet (APG)
Sneezing powder (APG)
Soothe syrup (APG)
Weapon blanch, adamantine (APG)
Weapon blanch, cold iron (APG)
Weapon blanch, silver (APG)
Alchemist’s Kit (APG)
Alchemist’s Lab, Portable (APG)

Mundane Items

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