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  • Difficulty: First Circle through Ninth Circle. This represents the difficulty of the ritual. Ritual levels are essentially equivalent to normal spell levels.
  • Preparation Time: The amount of time needed to prepare for the ritual (not including gathering materials). If preparation is rushed or messy, bad things can happen.
  • Casting Time: The amount of time to cast the ritual. If the casting is rushed, bad things can happen.
  • SL Cost: A caster must spend spell slots to complete a ritual. If a ritual is attempted without the appropriate number of spell slots, at best, the caster could become extremely fatigued; at worse, the caster could be harmed or killed.
  • Components: Circle of runes created with arcane powders and a bit of food. If the components are inadequate or absent, bad things can happen.
  • Component Cost: Cost breakdown of the components.
  • Checks: Rituals require one or more Spellcraft or Concentration checks.
  • Failed Check: Possible results if the checks are unsuccessful.
  • Botched Check: A botched check usually occurs when a natural 1 is rolled on a die. This usually means something has gone very wrong.

First Circle Arcane Rituals:
Arcane Talisman
Bind Familiar

First Circle Divine Rituals:
Bind Companion


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