Spell-Like Abilities

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Per normal Pathfinder rules, spell-like abilities do not have a verbal, somatic, focus, or material components.

To give these abilities a more action-oriented feel, spell-like abilities will have a somatic component appropriate to the ability. If the ability does not offer an obvious somatic component, the default will be that the caster simply raises an outstretched hand.

Examples of Somatic Components:

  • Aberrant Sorcerer (Acidic Ray, 1st): The sorcerer pointing at the target.
  • Destined Sorcerer (Touch of Destiny, 1st): The sorcerer raises an outstretched hand and touches the target.
  • Undead Sorcerer (Grasp of the Dead, 9th): The sorcerer raises his outstretched hand as if pulling the skeletons up from the ground.
  • Transmutation Wizard (Telekinetic Fist, 1st): The wizard pushes his hand towards the target.

Spell-Like Abilities

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