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The Ultimate Campaign provides guidelines for spell casters to perform spell research, either to create a spell the caster cannot find or create a new spell. To perform spell research, you must have a lab with equipment:
- Poor Lab: Valued at 100gp per Spell Level to be researched
- Standard Lab: Valued at 200gp per Spell Level to be researched
- Masterwork Lab: Valued at 400gp per Spell Level to be researched
Note that it is possible to have a lab that varies in quality. For example, a player may pay 400gp for first level, 400gp for second level, and 300gp for third level. In this case, he would have a masterwork lab for first level spell research, a standard lab for second level spell research, and a poor lab for third level spell research.

However, lab quality for higher spell levels cannot be better than lower spell level. In other words, a player cannot ‘ignore’ his first level lab equipment and pay for masterwork quality for his third level equipment.

- Prepare the lab
- Determine the total days required to complete the research: 7 × Spell Level
- Determine the Spell Research DC: 12 + Spell Level + Spell Level
- Pay the base research and ingredient costs to begin research: 200gp x Spell Level
- Pay the additional research and ingredient costs for the day: 50gp × Spell Level
- Attempt a Spellcraft check and a Knowledge check (arcana) or Knowledge (religion) (depending on the type of magic being researched) against the Spell Research DC. If both checks succeed, you make 1 days progress toward completing the spell. You cannot take 10 on these checks.
- While researching, 50% of the characters spell slots for the day will be used
- When the days of progress equal the total number of days needed, the spell research has been completed and the new spell has been added to your spellbook, placed on a scroll, or added to your list of spells known.

If either or both spell research checks fail by 4 or less, you make no progress. For each check that fails by 5 or more, your research has led to poor results and you lose a day of progress toward completing the spell.

No Lab: automatic failure
Poor Lab: -5
Standard Lab: +0
Masterwork Lab: +2
Specialist School: +2
Opposed School: -5
Restricted Spell Type: varies
Player Created Spell: varies

An apprentice cannot give sufficient aid to his mentor to make the process of researching spells easier. However, he can assist in making the process go quicker. At the end of the sixth day of work each week, the apprentice makes two DC 10 aid another rolls: Spellcraft and Knowledge (arcana) or Knowledge (religion). If both checks are successful, no time is used for the seventh day. The player must still pay research costs and make the Spellcraft and Knowledge checks…but a successful apprentice will help his mentor perform 7 days of research in only 6 days.

A researcher may have only one apprentice.

If another spell caster of the same class is working with the researcher, they may be able to lend greater aid than an apprentice. Each day, the collaborator will attempt the same Spellcraft and Knowledge (arcana) or Knowledge (religion) checks as the researcher. If both are successful, the researcher gains a +2 to his research checks.

A researcher may have only one collaborator.

Spell Research

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