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To make things easier for everyone, we will be using real world references for time instead of Golarion-based references. We will also use standard times for daily events (sunrise, sunset, etc).
Current Date: 4713 AR (Absalom Reckoning)
Months (30 days each): January to December
Days of the Week: Monday to Sunday
Days Per Year: 360 days
Dawn: 6:00am
Sunrise: 6:30am
Dusk: 8:00pm
Sunset: 8:30pm

The “curfew bell” is rung to indicate that it is time for citizens to cover their fires – deaden or cover up, not necessarily put out altogether. The usual procedure was at the sound of the curfew bell the burning logs were removed from the centre of the hearth of a warming fire and the hot ashes swept to the back and sides. The cold ashes were then raked back over the fire so as to cover it. The ashes would then keep smoldering giving warmth without a live fire going. The fire could easily be reignited the next morning by merely adding logs back on and allowing air to vent through the ashes. A benefit of covering up the fire in the evening was the prevention of destructive conflagrations caused by unattended live fires, a major concern since at the time most structures were made of wood and burned easily.

It is customary that anyone abroad after curfew has to carry a light and have a good excuse for being out. Nobility, as usual, is exempt from this regulation.
Curfew Warning: 8:00pm
Curfew: 9:00pm

In most larger communities (small town or larger), local merchants are given the opportunity to start selling several hours before foreign merchants. This is to allow local merchants a better opportunity to sell their wares. Many merchants such bakers, produce mongers, butchers, fish mongers, etc cease selling in the early afternoon (but may spend the remainder of the day working/crafting/etc). Others such as clothiers, cobblers, potters, teamsters, etc may work until dusk. Other merchants who are in most demand such as barbers, brewers, blacksmiths, millers, inns, taverners, may stay open until the curfew bell sounds.
Citizen Marketers Open: 8:00am
Foreign Marketers Open: 10:00am
Early Marketers Close: 3:00pm

One of the tasks often attributed to the town guard is to call out the time after curfew. At each hour, they will call out something like “2 o’clock and all’s well”. This was to assure the citizens that they were watching over the neighborhood and everything can sleep safely. The guard’s duty was to watch for fire and burglars, break up fights, and look out for hostile attacks against the city.

Time and Calendar

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