Darklands is my first serious attempt at acting as a GM for a group.

This is considered a high fantasy, lower magic campaign. Flavor will be taken from sources such as JRR Tolkein’s Middle Earth, George Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, and 7th to 9th century Europe (the Dark Ages). The campaign will use much of the Golarion setting as a base, but with some changes to the history, magic levels, etc to fit the concept. Most civilized societies will use a feudal system of government. Though magic will be less common than a standard Pathfinder game, very few changes will be made to the spell casting classes.

Spell casters and certain magic elements will be less prevalent than game worlds such as Forgotten Realms or even standard Pathfinder games. Character’s will not find continual light globes on the street corners of cities, magic shops dotting the market-places, and wizardly universities. Instead, they may have to search for those a dealer of magic potions and poultices who may not make their existence known to the public; or they may want to play nice with the smelly old wizard who resides in the swamp so they have someone to go to for arcane knowledge.

Some content is also restricted. While some rules will never be part of the game (such as guns), other content will be restricted until a player comes across it (such as prestige classes, certain feats, etc) or they create it (such as some spells). Players will not be advised ahead of time IF something will come available later in the game.

Most of the guidelines for the game can be found in the Wiki section.
Character and NPC bios can be found in the Character section.
Information about the adventure area can be found in the Adventure Log section.

Platform: Pathfinder RPG
Element: High Fantasy
Element: Low Magic
Element: Story-based experience progression (slow to medium)
Source: Tolkein’s Middle Earth
Source: Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time
Source: George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire (ie Game of Thrones)
Source: 7th to 9th century Europe “Dark Ages”


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