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Finesse Expertise (Combat):
You are skilled at using your speed and accuracy instead of resorting to brute strength.

Prerequisites: Dex 13, Weapon Finesse, Base Attack Bonus +1
Benefit: When making an attack with a weapon that qualifies for Weapon Finesse, add the character’s Dexterity modifier to the damage roll (instead of the Strength modifier). Any effect that would prevent a character from adding a Strength modifier to the damage roll also prevents adding damage from the Dexterity modifier.

This feat can be used with a finessable two-handed weapon (such as the elven curved blade) to gain x1.5 Dexterity damage. It can also be used with the Double-Slice to add Dexterity damage for an off-hand weapon.

Scimitar Expertise (Combat)
Your skill with scimitar is unequaled.
Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +1, Proficiency with the Scimitar, Two-weapon fighting, GM approval
Benefit: When wielding a scimitar in the off-hand along with a one-handed weapon in the primary hand, the scimitar counts as a light weapon for the purpose of determining two-weapon fighting penalties.

New Feats

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