Bind Familiar

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Difficulty: First Circle
Preparation Time: 1 hour
Casting Time: 8 hours
SL Cost: 2 Level-0 slots after 4 hours; 1 Level-1 slot after 8 hours
Components: Circle of runes created with arcane powders and a bit of food
Component Cost: Arcane powder (100gp per caster level)
Checks: Concentration DC 10, Spellcraft DC 10
Failed Check: Usually, no familiar appears. Occasionally, a random familiar appears.

This ritual allows an arcane spell caster to bind a familiar to them. The type of familiar is dictated by the food used in the ritual (thus the caster is able to ‘fish’ for the familiar they prefer). After 24 hours, the caster will make a Concentration check and a Spellcraft check. If successful, the familiar has been enticed to come to the area and will move into the circle. At that point, the creature temporarily gains the benefits of being a familiar. As the caster is much stronger in mind, he can choose to complete the ritual and bind the creature as a familiar or release him and send him on his way. A good caster may be choose to use the Empathic Link to ‘ask’ the creature if it wishes to bound while an evil caster may just bend it to his will (if strong enough).

Note that if a caster attempts to bind a particularly intelligent creature as a familiar without the Improved Familiar feat, the familiar could reject the binding outright or may not be fully affected.

If the caster does not have the required Level-0 and Level-1 spell slots, at the end of the ritual, he will be thoroughly spent (exhausted for the next 24 hours). The exhaustion cannot be removed by any magic of level 2 or less.

Once this ritual has been attempted, it cannot be attempted for a week.

Bind Familiar

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