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Gaining a Level
When characters have enough experience to gain a level, a full night’s rest (8 hours) will allow them to gain new abilities, increase current abilities, gain spell slots, increase their untrained skills, and increase their trained skills which they already have one or more ranks.

Other benefits must be gained through training or research. This includes new arcane spells, new trained skills, additional classes, a new archetype, and new feats.

Characters may choose to seek an experienced trainer. Trainers must be at least four levels or ranks greater than the character. A trainer in need of an apprentice may take on the character at little to no cost. Others may decide to charge the character a premium for their time. Training costs and time will vary depending on the trainer and what is being learned.

There may be times when a trainer is not available or characters may just choose to train on their own. To do so, they must have the appropriate equipment, space, and time. It will usually take three times longer when compared to working with a trainer. Costs can vary from one-third to three times.

Characters may also do some training before they gain their level. If they do so, they will gain the base knowledge needed to do further practice on their own (at no additional time or cost). The trained benefits from the new level will automatically be gained along with the normal abilities after a full night’s rest. Characters may train ahead two levels.

If the opportunity for training cannot be found, characters may ‘carry over’ their latent abilities until they have the opportunity to train. When they are ready to train, the character may not include later levels gained when selecting new abilities/feats/etc.

Retraining Skills
Characters may choose to retrain a limited number of ranks when they gain a level. The ranks are removed and noted on the character sheet as a Rank Pool. When they gain their next level, they must assign these ranks. Characters must leave at least 1 rank on a previously trained skill.

The number of ranks a character may retrain is based on the new class level gained. Rogues, Rangers, and Inquisitors may retrain up to two ranks each level while all other classes may retrain one.

Retraining Feats
Between the levels of 2nd to 5th, 6th to 10th, 11th to 15th, and 16th to 20th, a character may choose to retrain a feat. Upon gaining a level, the feat they wish to retrain is removed and a note is placed on their character sheet as a Feat Pool. When the character gains their next level, the new feat must be assigned. Throughout the retraining, the character must remain a legal character.

Once the character has used the option to retrain a feat for a particular level range, they must wait for the next level range before they are able to retrain another. Note that this rule does not affect the Fighter’s ability to retrain combat feats.

Retraining Other Abilities
Previous ability selections may be retrained with GM permission. This type of change would require a reasonable story-based explanation and very likely require the character to seek a trainer.

Gaining Levels

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