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Tolen’s Well

Unnamed Pup

The group came upon this young wolf-worg pup while exploring an old, abandoned dwarven monastery. He was claimed by Edric who is considering him for an animal companion down the road.

Aliston Neff

Often referred to as the smartest man in Tolen’s Well, Aliston is known to be a scholar and sage whose interests range from history and civilization to ancient culture and artifacts. His reclusive nature keeps him at home much of the time, though most think he prefers it that way. Aliston is also the brother to Sirus Neff.

Analla Soren

Analla was once the head priestess to the Temple of Pharasma in the town of Tolen’s Well. After several incidents in Tolen’s Well, she made the decision to give over her position and move to the large village of Whistledown to the southeast. She was well liked in Tolen’s Well, but sceptical of the Children of Peace. Brother Loman has taken her place as the new head priest.

Barneby Greely (deceased)

Barneby used to be an acolyte of Pharasma. For an unknown reason, he turned away from the teachings of Pharasma and sought to destroy the religion from within. Barneby had secretly allied himself with some an unsavory group of rogues calling themselves the Dusk Blades.

Barneby’s plan was thwarted by the adventurers and he was arrested for attempting to murder Analla Soren, then the head of the Temple of Pharasma of Tolen’s Well. He was later found guilty and was sentenced to be hanged, but the day before the sentence was to be carried out, he was found dead in his jail cell, an apparent victim of a poisoning.

Brother Loman Giedel

Brother Loman is gnome Preist of Pharasma who has come to help the Temple of Pharasma in Tolen’s Well. He originally practiced in the town of Wistledown.

Chase Porter

Chase is the operator of the Grain Mill a few miles south of Tolen’s Well. It is owned by Sirus Neff and maintained by Chase Porter. It is the only grain mill within 30 miles.

Deldrin Bale

Deldrin is the owner of Deldrin’s Stables.

Demrick Drogellen

Demrick is the head scout for Lazanna Ferrim. He is very well-versed in the area surrounding Tolen’s Well and the southern Malgorian Mountains. He is a rough and brusk dwarf with very little patience for softfoots (ie greenhorns). He is a dedicated employee of Lazanna Ferrim.


Duineth is an elven archer who traveled with the adventurers for a short time. She currently resides in Tolen’s Well and sometimes takes work as a caravan guard for Jesper Gillumstone.

Higron Krilge

Higron is the half-orc Dock Supervisor for Tolen’s Well.

Iris Darium

Iris is the head priestess of the Children of Peace (Erastil). The is a kind-hearted and motherly.

Jesper Gillumstone

Jesper is a wheeling-dealing, always-smiling gnome entrepreneur. He is the owner of the Gillumstone Consortium and is always on the look out for valuable relics and precious metals. He is generally considered to be a fair trader by most residents of Tolen’s Well, though not everyone speaks well of him.

Kobran RedBlood

Kobran is one of two guards of the Gillumstone Consortium. He is often seen carrying a two-handed sword.

Korgin RedBlood

Korgin is one of two guards of the Gillumstone Consortium. He is often seen carrying a two-handed axe.

Lazanna Ferrim

Lazanna is the owner of the Ironspike Mine to the east of Tolen’s Well. She is smart, confident, and charismatic. She came to Tolen’s Well with her husband (Marcus) and daughter (Lissa – age 10) two years ago to seek their fortune. Luck was with them when Marcus was able to find and stake a claim to what is now called the Ironspike Mine. Unfortunately, their luck turned sour when Marcus was killed in a mining accident. Lazanna took up the reins of the outfit and after some shrewd and savvy decision making, has been able to continue making a reasonable profit. She is currently trying to further grow the business by sending out prospecting groups into the southern Malgorian Mountains in the hopes of finding a new claim.

Lazanna is more dedicated to her employees than the other mine owners in town. She will take extra steps to see that her people have what they need to do their job. In return, she garners respect and dedication from the employees.

She doesn’t put much trust in Sirus Neff, Mayor Jiska, or Sheriff Lund and tends to avoid dealing with him if at all possible.

Merris Trask

Merris is Sheriff Lund’s right hand man. He is an inquisitive lawman and sometimes considered to have more empathy with the Tolen’s Well townsfolk.

Milo Green

Milo is the owner of the grainery on the est side of Tolen’s Well.

Milton Rhoddam

Milton owns and runs Rhoddam’s Mill. He is a hard-working and fair man. Milton has a seven-year old half-elf son, Jorisin. Few know of his elven wife except that she died some time before Milton arrived in the Tolen’s Well area.


Naji is a bodyguard of Sirus Neff. Rumors are that he is from the far-south, the Shackles.

Oran Lund

Oran is hard-nosed and unforgiving on major crimes such as murder, major theft, robbery, lethal assault, and treason. However, he is less concerned about minor crimes such as disturbing the peace, non-lethal brawling, and minor theft. He employs 12 permanent guards and 50 ‘on-call’ guards in Tolen’s Well. Oran is often seen speaking with Sirus Neff around town as well as in the Silver Chalice (which is owned by Sirus Neff). He walks with a limp.

Sirus Neff

Sirus is often talked about as being the richest, most powerful man in the Tolen’s Well area. He is a middle-age, heavy-set man. He is a shrude business man that is known to be ruthless enemies/competitors. Sirus is always seen with an entorage of five or more men. He is the owner of The Well (mine), The Tombs (mine), the Grain Mill on the eastern side of Tolen’s Well, and the Silver Chalice (Tavern and Gambling House).

Sirus’ brother is Aliston Neff.


Urzogg is the owner of Urzogg’s Blacksmith Shop. He is a surley and disagreeable half-orc that is moderately friendly (and unfriendly) to everyone. His smithwork gets the job done, but he is not know for exceptional work. While he has been known to make swords, shields, and armor, he seldom has such items in stock…though he does a fair trade in knives.

He currently employs Arceus as a part time apprentice blacksmith.

Verenor Smenk

Verenor Smenk is a downright angry old half-orc. He is the owner and operator of the Eaglehead Mine east of Tolen’s Well. It is often jested around town that Verenor is always yelling and screaming at someone…and if he isn’t, just wait a moment. On the rare occasions that he does visit Tolen’s Well, most townsfolk avoid him.

Wendel Jiska

Wendel is a thin and nervous halfling. How he became mayor of Tolen’s Well is a subject that is often talked about among the townsfolk. Although some say that he does have a kind heart, he is thought to be without much backbone. there have been several times when he has made promises to the townsfolk on projects to better the conditions around Tolen’s Well, but these high-minded goals seldom come to pass. Mayor Jiska is occasionally visted by Sirus Neff and many believe that Jiska is overly influenced by the man.

Zeraka Wyldstar

Zeraka is a bold, colorful, and cheerful halfling troubador that runs Zeraka’s World of Wonders, a traveling side show that is currently wintering in Tolen’s Well. She and her crew are always willing to put on a show and are often seen entertaining Tolen’s Well’s more affluent townsfolk in the Silver Chalice during the evening.

The IronSpike

Bren Poppelwell

Bren is the assistant to Lazanna Ferrim and the manager of the Ironspike Mine. He is a middleage male gnome who is intelligent and well-spoken and is well-versed in mining practices. He is a dedicated employee of Lazanna.

The Wilderness

Blackfang the Worg (deceased)

Blackfang was an enormous Worg whose pack resided in an old dwarven monastery. He was slain by the adventurers while they were investigating an old dwarven monastery in the southern Malgorian Mountains.
Torqua took the worg’s fur and head to have a cloak made. Edric took the lone puppy that was found and later learned that it was very likely a Wolg (wolf/worg mixed breed).

Gorki the Goblin

The adventurer encountered Gorki the goblin while they were searching an old dwarven monastery in the southern Malagorian Mountains. The poor goblin had been taken as a slave of the Worg, Blackfang. Shortly after killing the Worg, the adventurers found him hiding among the debris. While there was some heated discussion among the group of heroes, they eventually set the goblin free.


Kirrok is a kobold ranger of the Razerclaw Tribe who live on Whistler’s Ridge in the southern Malgorian Mountains. He recelty assisted the heroes in their adventures.

Sark the Kobold (deceased)

Sark was once the shaman of the Razerclaw Kobold Tribe. He met his demise at the hands of the adventurers when he crossed their paths one too many times.

The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince is the leader of the Razerclaw kobold tribe of the Whispering Ridge. Unlike most kobolds, he has a set of very dragon-like wings. The kobolds of the tribe beleive him to be a religious icon. It is clear to the heroes that the Dragon PRince also believes himself to be a very important religious figure.

Vreck the Impatient (deceased)

Vreck the Impatient was the son of Xorgoth the Bold, a bugbear bounty hunter. For an unknown reason, they attempted to kidnap Demrick Drogellen. Demrick lead them on a chase that lasted several days during which time xorgoth succumbed to a patch of blood strangler vines. Vreck vowed to take his revenge, but the heroes managed to slay Vreck before he could get his hands on Demrick.

Xorgoth the Bold (deceased)

Xorgoth the Bold was a bugbear bounty hunter who attempted to kidnap Demrick Drogellen, though the reasons are not yet known. Demrick lead Xorgoth and his son Vreck on a chase through the Southern Malgorian mountains that lasted several days. Xorgoth’s life ended in a patch of blood strangler vines that Demrick Drogellen tricked him into entering. His sone Vreck vowed to take the dwarf’s head for killing his father.

Other Areas

The Green Mother

The Green Mother is a gnome Druid that visited Tolen’s Well to help clense a tainted well of some a rare mold called blacksour mold. It is rumored among the townsfolk that she lives an a mystical and ancient grove in the Sanos forest north of Sipplerose.


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