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Q: Can Strength be used in place of Charisma for the Intimidation skill?
A: Charisma is a measure of ones personal magnetism and presence, so I do still it is the best fit for the Intimidate skill. However, if a player describes the use of their strength during a situation where Intimidation is being used, I would be inclined to grant a circumstance adjustment.

Q: Is Poison use allowed and how will it be handled?
A: Still working on it.

Q: Can you use a polearm or longspear as an improvised weapon to attack an adjacent enemy?
A: I will allow it. As a swift action, a character using a polearm or longspear can use it as an improvised weapon. The weapon will inflict bludgeoning damage as if it was two sizes smaller. Also, due to the awkward nature of the weapons use, the attacker cannot utilize special abilities or specialization feats normally allowed for the weapon (Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, Overhand Chop, etc). Note that the Polearm Master’s specialized Pole Fighting ability does not use the above rule.

Q: Can I draw a non-weapon item while moving if my BAB is +1 or higher or using Quick Draw?
A: A small non-weapon item that can be easily reached and pulled can be made ready with a free action while moving if your BAB is +1 or higher or if you have the Quick Draw feat. This requires that the item be stored in a sheath, bandolier, or similar storage device. Items that may qualify are potions and wands (but not scrolls).

Q: Can you ready an attack against a projectile?
A: You cannot attack projectiles unless you have an ability or feat that allows such an action.

Q: How are a Swift and Immediate action related?
A: You may take one Swift action OR one Immediate action each turn. If you take an Immediate action outside your turn, you will loose your Swift on your next turn and may not take another Immediate action until your turn is over.

Player Question and Answer

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